Below are some links to helpful resources for teaching philosophy.

Teach Philosophy 101

Really great site full of resources for new and experienced teachers alike. Here instructors share information about various issues such as lesson planning, class management, time management, means of assessment, ways to get students to engage in the class and complete reading assignments, and much more! You could spend days on this site.

American Association of Philosophy Teachers

Has its own page full of great links.

The Philosopher's Cocoon

Great forum for discussing teaching and everything philosophy.

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement - Iowa State University

Nice write up and video about writing a teaching philosophy statement.

Narrated Presentation on Teaching Statements

This is a presentation I created about teaching statements. I first gave this presentation at the Teaching Effectiveness Seminar at Loyola University Chicago in 2017. I was then asked to create a digital narrated presentation so that it could be shared with the following year's seminar. In this presentation I cover some of the basics of teaching statements (what they are for, why they matter, who looks at them) and conclude with an exercise I created to help instructors critically reflect on their teaching and structure their statements. This presentation is still a work in progress, and there are some things I would like to change about the concluding exercise. Hopefully it can be of help to some of you.